By: Daan Akkerman

Just like we people have a meridian system, the same meridians which are also used with acupressure and acupuncture, similarly the earth has a meridian system which is usually linearly connected to each other. Just as with man, energy flows through these meridians of the earth. This energy consists of cosmic and magnetic energy and with man physical and spiritual energy.

These meridians (ley lines) form intersections at many places on earth, these are called chakra points, the more meridians intersect on such a place, the stronger this chakra place is.

When a chakra point is quite large, it can be 50 km in circumference and radiates just as far into the sky. A place in the Netherlands where one can observe many smaller chakra places is in Balloo (the Balloo field) close to Assen. In the twilight one then sees pastel colored pillars with a height of about 400 meters and 100 meters wide which fan out in the form of a "tornado-like" pillar.

Our forefather already erected sanctuaries and later cities on many chakra places by means of diviners, yet many places have also been forgotten.

Because our "forefathers" erected holy places on these chakra points, monasteries, churches and cathedrals were erected on many of these places after Catholicism was established in Europe. Our "forefathers" also buried their deceased on these chakra points, not only to provide their deceased with a "comfortable" place, but more so because, via the channel of the chakra point, one is able to make a more direct contact with the deceased in the cosmos.

A whole other story are earth rays which one could view as leaks of the magnetic field in the earth, as you know, the core of the earth consists of a magnetic core, which is assumed to turn in the opposite direction of the earth. This causes, among others, the earth's magnetic field. Since the earth's crust consists of different materials, such as granite, marble, salt layers etc., the structure of the earth crust is not the same everywhere. In addition, the earth magnetism is not equally divided because of crevices in the earth's crust, which results in the natural phenomenon of earth rays.

In case a house or a building is "accidentally" located on such an earth ray, then this will have a negative influence on the health of man, animal and plant. With the human species, the symptoms this will cause are in general: chronic tiredness, depressions, headaches and a so-called heavy feeling. The more open a person's aura is, the more such a person will notice the earth rays in comparison with people whose aura is closed. However, this does not mean that the health of persons who can't feel these earth rays is not negatively affected. Fortunately earth rays can easily be neutralized by, for example, pyramids, rock crystal and tourmaline.