You may expect the following of a consultation.

Through clairvoyant observations (voices, images from the spiritual world) you will be helped out for as long as an hour. An exploratory interview ahead will not be necessary, since your appearance in itself already makes clear the reason of your visit.

Furthermore by means of your aura and chakras, information will be read which is determining to your filling-in of the future. This information will also clarify your path of life, your so called karma, including karma originating from former lives. If desired, you can bring along handwriting and photos.

You may record the consultation on cellphone or Mp3 player, that way you can listen to the recording again. Should questions still be bothering you later on, you're always free to telephone during telephonic office hours: 9.30 - 13.00 o'clock (monday - thursday).

Consultations are given in Westerlee, Groningen and Amsterdam (The Netherlands). In Germany: Oldenburg. More enquiries about this and appointments can be made telephonically in Westerlee. Due to possible waiting periods, you may also have a written consultation. Answer within one to two weeks.

At Daan Akkermans practice the following homoeopathic products are used.



iliomare is a high-quality food-supplement, made of the Chlorella Pirenoidosa Algeae, a single-celled water greenalga, known to researchers and scientists als the best known eatable alga. It has maintained its pure genetic structure of old. The ultra-fast growth and reproduction-value (quadrupled every twenty hours) is caused by the pithy structure that stimulates tissue-repair with people and animals and aids to a fast recovery of many diseases to come.


The approach of Bloem is simple. Bloem wants to help you in a natural and human friendly way to build and maintain a good health. A health that has a fully balanced interaction between body en spirit. The basic assumption to this is the centuries-old power of nature.