The aura is the energyfield surrounding us, which can only be percepted by a special camera or a psychic. To people who have never seen an aura before, the best way tot imagine it is like the shattered light you see surrounding a candle flame.

The aura reflects our "inner self". Depending on for instance the amount of lives that we have had and the state of mind (at a certain moment and during our entire life) an aura can be big or small, rarefied or instead very compact, stationairy or moving and so on. The aura is also sensitive to influences from its surrounding.

Broadly considered the aura exists of two layers. The layer closest to the physical body is the layer that might change from moment to moment. The second layer covering the first layer, tells us much more about the person in question in general.

Also every colour in the aurafield represents a certain meaning. During the workshop all the meanings will be dealt with extensively.

The chakras are points in the aura that absorb energy, there are seven chakras, namely:


7th crown chakra (intuition)

6th third eye chakra (visualisation capacity)

5th throat chakra (communication)

4th heart chakra (unselfish love)

3rd plexus solarus chakra (emotions)

2nd spleen chakra (sexuality)

1st tailbone chakra (earth energy)

A chakra can be compared best to a flower which - due to the circumstances - may be open or closed.

If a chakra - for example the throat chakra - is closed, in this case it means that there are problems communi-cating, like stutter for instance.

So, the ideal situation would be that a chakra is opened. Chakra's are the energy gates from kosmos to human: if one wants to feel balanced, it is of the upmost importance that the seven chakras are opened well.

However this is easier said then done! What appears as well every now and then is that a chakra is opened to wide and then the person can be exposed for a certain time to negative.

In practice

The workshop starts with an extensive lecture about the functioning of the aura and chakras. These facts will be explained more closely using supporting drawings, we therefore advise to bring along means to make notes. Further questions relating to this information can always be posed later on.

After this the practical part begins. Then you will be given the opportunity to see an aura yourself (to some this is easier, more familiar than others). Meditation is also involved in Aura & Chakras since through meditation chakras can be felt and stimulated better.

Healing is not dealt with until part three of the workshop. Jesus Christ got cripples and lepers to heal; this won't occur (instantly) at the workshop. You will be - thanks to the information from the former workshop parts - enabled to open chakras and recharge your "spiritual battery" for example..

The workshop will be concluded with a closing meditation and an exchange of opinions and experiences of that day.


Tarot is a pack of 78 cards. One part is the Great Arcana, the other part is the Small Arcana.

The first part, the Great Arcana (22 cards) is regarded as the cycle of human life: beginning with The Magician and ending with The Fool. The Great Arcana also represents the great forces which we can hardly influence oursel-ves, what the cards tell us. Finally the Great Arcana symbolizes the "archetypical energy of the personal and transpersonal cycle".

The Small Arcana, the second part, indicates more on the whole. The answers of these cards are less powerful then those of the Great Arcana and could be "changed" sooner if desired because, mind this: The Tarot is a guide to get a clearer survey of your life and not a fixed, irrefutable revelation of Fate.



The original source of the Tarot is very mystical. Anyway the earliest findings of this peculiar game originate from Egypt.

It used to be that Tarot was only to be consulted by leading figures like kings and emperors. Some of them had even appointed their own Tarot card painters in their royal household. As to the ordinary citizens that would occupy themselves with Tarot, is was considered heresy.

Nowadays not such a mystical meaning is ascribed to Tarot like there used to be. The Tarot game has become very popular in for instance New Age circles, James Bond movies, people working in the social sector and so on.

In practice

To get to the bottom of Tarot entirely at a workshop is impossible becaus the game is filled to overflowing with symbolisms, which one only slowly gets to know through regular use in practice.

At the workshops you get acquainted with the foundations of the Rider Waite Tarot, like for instance:

the 22 key cards of the Great Arcana;

the meaning of, among others, the four symbols of the Small Arcana (sticks, goblets swords and pentangles);

the consciously chosen colours;

and the numerological meaning on the whole - for example, each human, since the moment of birth, is connected to a certain card of the Tarot that has an influence during his or her entire life. At the workshop you will learn how to calculate which card is connected to you.

And also: to find out what lies ahead for you in more detailed periods (like during a month, a year and so on) is a part of the workshop "Tarot & Numerology" as well.

Numerology - the name says it all - means working with numbers and figures, which we deal with at the workshop in a playful but clear way.

Though the workshop consists of four parts, you will notice that with the issues you have once learned at these three workshop parts, afterwards, through practical experience, there's a lot more still to be discovered in the wonderous world of Tarot...

Further commentary

During the workshop the following materials will be used: (the Tarot cards and the book will be sold at the workshop).

The Tarot cards by Waite.

Should you already own Tarot cards other than the Waite version, then it might be a good idea to buy the Waite cards now as well (this is not compulsory). Namely, during the practice part symbols will be explained only relating to this kind of cards.

The Divine Triangle

A synthesis of numerology, astrology and Tarot (translated by Carlos Verhulst from the original "Numerology and the Divine Triangle" written by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker. Publishing company Mirananda, The Hague. ISBN 90 6271 6814.


Expenses: € 195,00 per weekend (incl. lunch, coffee, tea and so on).

Method of payment; cash.

The expenses of the workshop are to be paid half upfront (at least a week upfront). This is because of the certainty that needs to be in order to decide whether or not to continue with the workshop.


The minimum quantity of participants is 10 persons: the maximum, a limit of about 15 persons.

If a workshop, due to circumstances, can't go proceed, you will be notified in time.

Each workshop always starts at 10.00 o'clock. It ends at about 17.00 o'clock.